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Solar Charger for VW T6 Camper Van

Posted by in Ask Bill on Oct 15, 2019 . .

Customer question (received via email 14th October 2019):

Hi, I have a VW T6 Transporter Camper with a Varta 000 915 105 FC 12v 70Ah EFB+ Stop/Start battery.

Would the Optimate 10W Solar Charger be compatible with this please? Ideally, I want to charge via the dashboard 12v cigarette socket (which is on without need for the ignition).

Many thanks.


Willgen Reply (Email from Bill 15th October 2019): 

Hi Nigel,

many thanks for getting in touch.

Yes the Optimate 10W is compatible with your VW T6 battery.

If positioned outside, in an un-shaded South facing location. the Optimate 10W solar panel will be sufficient to maintain (protect against natural battery drain) all year around. If the solar panel position is less than ideal or there are drains on the battery (alarm etc) I would recommend an Optimate 20 (eg if solar panel south facing but positioned inside van behind windscreen) or possibly even an Optimate 40  if behind windscreen and orientation not ideal or panel partially shaded.

Bear in mind that the putting the solar panel behind windscreen glass, particularly if tinted,  will reduce solar panel output - hence 20W or 40W solar panel.

To connect via the van's permanently live cigarette socket you will need the Optimate Cigarette Plug Adapter.

Links to products:

Optimate 10:
Optimate 20:
Optimate 40:
Optimate Cigarette Plug Adater:
Suction Cups (for attaching solar panel inside windscreen):

I hope that this helps. Please ask if you have any further questions.

All Optimate products are currently in stock and ready for rapid despatch on receipt of order.

Kind regards


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