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12V solar chargers are perfect for year around maintenance of 12V car and vehicle starting batteries and caravan/boat (leisure) batteries. But which is best for you?

There are numerous 12V solar trickle chargers available and choosing the right one can be difficult. Cheap is tempting but not always cheerful and who should you believe when it comes to performance and quality?!

Well worry no more. Here is Willgen's definitive guide to choosing the right 12V solar battery charger for all year round battery maintenance.

What's Best For...?

Before we get into the detail, if you are looking for a quick pointer in the right...

Posted by in Energy Saving Tips, Energy Saving on Apr 02, 2013 .

Here are 10 easy wins that will help you to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills.

I am almost certain that you will be familiar will all of them, but ask yourself how many you are actually doing!! It's all simple stuff this with little or no cost, but it's easily forgotten in the turmoil of day to day life, so at the risk of teaching my grandma to suck eggs...


Simple Energy Saving Tip No.1 : Turn down your heating thermostat.

I can almost hear you groaning, but....... have you done it ???!!. Okay you might have to put a jumper on (and trousers?) but for every 1 degree C you turn down your thermostat you...

Posted by in Eco Products on Mar 13, 2013 .


Despite the variable weather conditions in the UK, we still receive enough solar radiation from the sun to make practical use of solar energy regularly in our every day lives. Solar photovoltaic panels come in all shapes and sizes and can be applied to the benefit of us and the environment in many day to day situations.

Our rough guide below should hopefully inform and, who knows, maybe even inspire you to make better use of solar power yourself. It really does have many practical applications in everyday situations even if you are not an ecofreak! 


By using solar chargers to give your device some life, you are reducing your carbon footprint as well as many other things such as making use of the abundant power of the sun.

With many of us carrying and using gadgets such as ‘phones, MP3 Players and such like on a daily basis, it was just a matter of time before the world started to look for alternative ways to charge up these devices whilst you are out and about without the use of a mains power supply because let’s face it, many people run out of battery at a crucial time.

These chargers seem to be an attractive choice to parents of teenage children who own devices such as...

Posted by in Off Grid Solar and Wind on Feb 14, 2013 .

If you have ever wondered if solar power could be the answer to your off grid power needs you need to speak to us!

Here at Ecofreak we have been designing, supplying and installing off grid (mains power free) solar and wind power systems for many years and we have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to ensure you get a solar power system that will work effectively and reliably for you for many years to come.

Please contact us  if you have an off grid solar or wind power project that you would like help with.

Past projects include solar and wind power for: 

  • Equestrian stables
  • Agricultural barns
  • Mobile...

Posted by in Eco Products on Oct 17, 2012 .

It always feels good to know your property is secure. This is especially true when the nights start drawing in, shortening the hours of daylight. Solar security lights are a versatile and cost-effective way to light up any area you don't want left in the dark.

With no need for an outside power supply, they can be positioned wherever you like, avoiding the expense of mains installation or messy extra cabling.

Sometimes there are concerns that solar-powered security lights  won't be as reliable as mains power, and unfortunately it is true that many poor quality products are available on the market. 

We understand that you need...

Posted by in Eco Products on Oct 09, 2012 .

The days are getting shorter, but that doesn't mean you have to stop working (or playing!) after dark in out-buildings that don't have mains power. With our wide range of solar shed lights, we are sure to have a product that will suit your needs and budget.

The Vortex  and SolarMate  solar shed lights will provide precious extra hours of reliable illumination in your garage, greenhouse, stables, summer house... wherever you want to be.  
If security is the main concern, the Solar PIR Porch Light and Solar PIR Utility Light  are motion-activated and can be used inside or out, offering fantastic value for money. 

If you use your classic car less often than you would like or are getting ready to put it away for the winter months, you may be wondering about the best way to keep the battery in tip top condition. A good solar trickle charger might be just the thing you need....

solar trickle charger of the correct type and size will keep your car battery in good, fully charged condition even through the darkest mid winter months. If you are not sure which 12V solar battery charger  is best for you read on!

The first thing to decide is if the solar panel will be mounted in the car itself or externally somewhere (on the roof of your garage...

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