10W Solar Trickle Charger

10W Solar Trickle Charger
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This 10W glass fronted solar trickle charger is ideal for maintenace charging (protection against natural battery dishcharge year around in UK) of a wide range of 12V batteries. Recommended in most common situations for charging 12V batteries of around 100Ah capacity.

  • Ideal for maintenance charging of 12V starting and leisure batteries
  • Built in blocking diode - can be left permanently connected
  • Solar charge controller not required if charging batteries over 100Ah capacity*
  • Robust glass fronted aluminium framed solar panel suitable for permanent external installation
  • Quick and easy to install

What's included?

As standard this solar trickle charger comes supplied as idividual components ready for simple DIY wiring up and installation*. As an option it can be supplied pre-wired ready to connect directly to your battery. This solar trickle charger includes:

  • 10W glass fronted aluminium framed solar panel with easy to access connection box on back
  • 5m of 2 core 1mm black flexible cable (please contact us if you require a longer length of cable and we will be happy to adjust to meet your requirements)
  • 1 pair of crimp type ring terminals for connecting cable to solar panel 
  • In line fuse holder (with simple screw terminals so can be installed with screwdriver only) with 2 fuses (one to use and one spare)
  • 1 pair of crocodile clips (come with crimp type ring terminals for connection)
  • 1 pair of 8mm crimp ring terminals for connection directly to battery terminals (as alternative to crocodile clip connection) 
  • 4 cable ties and screw down cable tie mounts for quick temporary installation of solar panel
  • Installation instructions and simple wiring diagram
  • As with all of our products we are always happy to provide additional help and advice over the phone of via e-mail if required

* For best results a basic crimping tool will be required for fitting crimp terminals. A suitable crimping tool is available here: crimping tool . 

Solar Charger Controller

The charge controller manages the charging process to get the most from your solar panel and battery and is required to prevent battery damage through overcharging. A solar charge controller is not strictly required if the battery you are charging is over 100Ah. Fitting a charge controller is nearly always better than not and in most cases we recommend installing a charge controller even of your battery is over 100Ah in capacity. If charging a battery of less than 100Ah capacity a solar charge controller is required. We recommend the Solsum 6.6F Charge Controller.

Solar Panel Mounting

The solar panel has a sturdy aluminium frame with four 6mm holes pre-drilled in it to aid installation. The panel can be secured using the four cable ties supplied with the kit as a quick or temporary installation. For more pemanent installation, due to the wide variety of positions this panel can be mounted in, customers often fabricate their own mounts or use our z bracket solar panel mounts. It is also possible to simply bond the panel to a suitable flat surface using marine adhesives like Sikaflex.


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