5W Solar Panel Kit

5W Solar Panel Kit
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5 Watt solar panel and cable kit.

  • High efficiency crystalline cell for “all weather” charging
  • Perfect for battery maintenance and off grid lighting projects
  • Water resistant, robust construction for outdoor use.
  • In built diode protects against battery discharge
  • 20 year cell warranty and 10 year module warranty

The ideal choice to prevent battery drain. The 5 watt panel provides a continuous trickle feed maintaining and extending the life of any 12 volt battery.


  • Perfect for extending charging intervals on electric fencing batteries
  • Battery maintenance / trickle charging of winter stored boats and vehicles
  • Battery charging for small off grid, 12V lighting and power applications 
Whats in the box?
  • 5W Solar Panel for 12V battery charging
  • 5m 1mm 2 core cable (to run from solar panel to battery)
  • Ring connectors on 3m cable to allow quick and easy connection
  • In-line fuse holder and fuse
  • Installation instructions

The 5 watt solar panel kit supplies everything required to connect up quickly and easily to your 12V battery.

Extra cable if required can be ordered by the meter here (if you order additional cable it will added to the single 5m length already included up to a maximum of 30m) : 12V 1mm 2 core cable.

The 5 watt solar panel is fitted with a blocking diode to prevent reverse current drain.

Charge Controller 

The 5W panel kit does not require a charge controller if the battery to being charged is larger than 50Ah capacity. For batteries smaller than this, or if you are concerned about damaging your battery by overcharging, order a Solsum 6.6F or Morningstar Sunguard solar charge controller.

Technical Specifications

Power: 5 watts Peak

Output: 390mA @ 16.8V

Dimensions: 306mm x 218mm x 25mm

Weight: 1.0Kg

Approximate Output

Deep Winter - Average 1hr sunlight / day = 5 watt hours/day 

March - May: Average 4hrs sunlight/day = 20 watt hours/day

Peak Summer - Average 6 hrs sunlight per day = 30watt hours/day

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