Multiple Cameras Powered by One Battery

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Customer question (received via email 8th September 2020):

Could you tell me if the 4g cameras can all run off a single battery,  I'm looking at 3 , unfortunately the 360 camera is not suitable for my location,  also do they constantly record to an app or DVR for reviewing for security purposes. 
Thank you


Willgen Reply (Email from Bill 9th September 2020):

Hi Ian,

Many thanks for getting in touch.

Multiple 4G cameras can run off a single 12V battery if they all situated close enough to the battery to avoid significant voltage drop down the cable supplying power to them. Obviously the more cameras you have connected to a single battery the faster it will discharge. I can supply a bespoke solar kit to keep the battery charged throughout the year if required.

If you want to use multiple cameras it may be cheaper to use 3 wifi cctv cameras linked to a 4G router  which can also be powered from the same battery and requires only one sim card and one mobile network contract. Alternatively if you use one 360 4G camera you can use that as a router for additional wifi static cameras. Wifi range is as similar to what it would be in your house - typically an absolute maximum of 30m if in clear line of sight with no obstructions such as walls, vegetation etc.

The cameras record to an SD card within the camera itself. This can be continuous recording or movement activated. The footage can be viewed from and downloaded to the app as required. Motion alerts can be sent to your phone/tablet. The camera can also be set to automatically send motion detection footage to an email address. That said it makes sense to install the camera in a position that is not easily tampered with.

I hope that this helps. If you have any questions, require further information or would like to proceed with an order please get in touch.

Kind regards



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