Solsum 10.10F Solar Charge Controller

Solsum 10.10F Solar Charge Controller
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Solsum 10.10F 10A Solar charge controller for 12V and 24V systems incorporating the following features :

  • Battery over charging and deep discharge protection
  • Diode protection to prevent reverse current from the solar panel in darkness
  • Efficient PWM regulation (pulse width modulator)
  • LED System Indicators
  • Low voltage disconnect feature to maximum load current rating of the model
  • Temperature compensation for accurate voltage sensing
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Automatic system voltage detection for 12V or 24V systems

LED System Indicators

Charging status indicator LED shines green as soon as the solar module is producing energy. The LED flashes when the charge current to the battery is being limited by the charge controller as battery nears and reaches full charge.

Three battery voltage indicator LEDs give indication of battery state of charge :

  • Green : 12.8V
  • Yellow : 12.3V
  • Red : 11.8V

How many Watts of Solar Power?

The Solsum 10.10F is suitable for :

  • 12V solar array of upto 120W or 10A
  • 24V solar array of upto 240W or 10A
Load conenctions
12/24V loads can be connected through the Solsum 10.10F up to a maximum of 10A. Loads can also be connected direct to the battery by-passing the Solsum charge controller.

Other details

Dimensions : 145mm x 100mm x 30mm

Weight : 150g

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