Eco Stapler

Eco Stapler
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This brilliant little eco stapler still amuses me whenever I use it. I have one in my office and it is great for keeping odd bits of paper together and for amazing visitors, friends and relatives!

It is great to have around the office or for the kids to have in their pencil case. It never runs out of staples and, as it doesn't use them, reduces waste metal deposits as well. In fact, if everyone in UK offices saved one staple per day that would be 72 tonnes of metal saved a year!

It works by neatly cutting and folding the paper in one clean action - you have to see it to believe it!


Eco-stapler - Know Your Limits!

Unfortunately the eco-stapler can't be used as a direct replacement for a conventional stapler in all situations, as it's paper stapling abilities are limited to 3 sheets (although I've managed 4 - beat that!). That said, it is still a vey useful little thing and will provide mild amusement when work is just too boring!


Not suitable for children under 36 months.


Outer shell of eco-stapler is made from eco-friendly P.E.T.

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