1000W Pure Sinewave Inverter

1000W Pure Sinewave Inverter
1000W Pure Sinewave Inverter 1000W Pure Sinewave Inverter 1000W Pure Sinewave Inverter 1000W Pure Sinewave Inverter
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This high efficiency power inverter uses a pure sine wave to power 230V mains equipment from a 12V DC battery or 12V DC power supply. Perfect for off-grid and solar power projects and for use while camping, in commercial vans/lorries, or as a means to convert charged batteries for back-up power in case of a power cut.

Pure sinewave inverters are generally needed for audio equiment (to avoid humming), many newer high spec and LED TVs, laser printers, photocopiers and other appliances with sensitive electronics. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and inductive loads such as motors will work much better powered form a pure sinewave rather than modified sinewave inverter.Pretty much any appliance that will run from a mains supply should work without any problems when powered by a pure sinewave inverter.

  • 1000W contiuous power (2000W peak for 2 seconds)
  • Over 90% efficiency
  • Soft start minimises inverter shutdown when using large inductive loads (eg motors with large start up current - see note below)
  • High accuracy output wave form with less than 4% THD
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Low/over voltage input protection
  • Short circuit, overload and overheat protection
  • Built in 1000mA USB socket 
  • LED and audible fault indicator
  • Supplied with 1 pair of 800mm DC power cables and a spare blade fuse

Please note: Ensure the device is well within the inverter output power rating. We recommend using an inverter capable of supplying a minimum of 3 times the device's rated power to avoid damage to the inverter by any current surge (especially for fridges and freezers which can surge up to 7 times the rated power).

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