Morningstar Sunguard

Morningstar Sunguard
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The Morningstar Sunguard is a highly reliable 4.5A 12V solar charge controller suitable for a wide range of solar charging applications. A major advantage of the Sunguard is the fact that the electronics are fully encapsulated in epoxypotting making it completely weatherproof and suitable for outdoor installation.

  • Completely weatherproof & suitable for outdoor installation
  • 12V, 4.5A
  • suitable for solar input of up to 63W
  • Advanced Pulse Width Modulation batetry charging (maintains a higher charge in battery than old on/off type regulators)
  • Protects battery from overcharging
  • Prevents reverse current leakage at night so no blocking diode required
  • Tough, compact design


  • System Volts: 12V
  • PWM Setpoint: 14.1V
  • Accuracy: +/- 60mV
  • Max Solar Volts: 30V
  • Rated Solar Input: 4.5A
  • Min operating Volts: 6V
  • Max. Input (5min): 5.5A
  • Self consumption: 6mA
  • Max Solar Short Circuit Rating: 5.5A
  • Ambient Temp Range: -40 to +60 C
  • Relative Humidity: 100%
  • Dimensions: 73mm W x 52mm H x 38mm D
  • Weight:100g


Comes with manufacturer's 5 year warranty.

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