OptiMate 10W Duo Solar Charger

OptiMate 10W Duo Solar Charger
OptiMate 10W Duo Solar Charger OptiMate 10W Duo Solar Charger
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OptiMate Solar Duo 10W - solar panel, cable, charge controller and battery monitor for 12V Lead Acid and 12.8V Lithium batteries.

  • New Duo controller suitable for 12V lead acid (STD,AGM,GEL) and 12.8V/13.2V LITHIUM batteries.
  • Solar charges and maintains 12V lead acid batteries from 2 to 240Ah 
  • Suitable for standard, AGM, AGM Spiral Cell and Gel battery types
  • Ideal for motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks & boats
  • Ideal for in-situ charging and maintenance charging of electric fence batteries
  • Fully automated charging - can be left connected to your battery all of the time
  • Easy to install, connect and disconnect
  • 4 LED panel provides charging information in daylight and battery status during darkness
  • Fully weatherproof solar panel with corner mounts

Charge Controller & LED information lights

Includes the New lithoum compatible OptiMate Solar Duo DM-522 D2 2 Amp smart charge controller with 4 LED panel to provide comprehensive information on charging process and battery status.

OptiMate Solar charge kits are fully automatic. Mount the panel in a suitable location to receive maximum sunlight, hook up the charger-monitor to the battery and walk away. No more battery problems.

When the panel receives sun, the SOLAR CHARGE LED blinks confirming solar power is being delivered and one of the three battery status LEDs (SAVE, CHARGE, MAINTAIN) indicates charge progress. OptiMate Solar converts low solar energy to a high pulse charge which improves solar charge efficiency. When night falls or if the smart charger-monitor senses no solar power is being delivered it changes into a battery monitor with one of the three charge status lights now indicating battery status every three seconds.

The Optimate 10W Duo kit (12V 0.8A max.) is ideal for all vehicles with a 12V battery.

Each kit includes:

  • fully weatherproof, high intensity poly crystalline solar panel
  • solar panel corner mounts for easy wall or roof mounting
  • 2m power cable from solar panel to charge controller (optional 4.6m extension cable available here: Optimate Extension Cable)
  • outdoor rated OptiMate Duo smart charger-controller (DM-522 D2) with a 1m charge cable
  • OptiMate O-1 weatherproof battery lead - 0.5m long (ring connectors for permanent battery connection - but easy to connect & disconnect with plug and socket included)
  • OptiMate O-4 battery clamp lead - 0.5m long (crocodile clips for temporary battery connection)

Total length of cable from solar panel to the sae connector on the O-1 or O-4 battery lead is 3.15m (315cm). Use of the optional 4.6m extension cable takes this to 7.75m (775cm). In addition to this O-1 and O-4 battery leads are both 0.5m (50cm) long. 


Optional Accessories

There are numerous accessories available to help you get the most from your OptiMate Solar Charger. The most popular for use with OptiMate Solar Chargers are:

12V Solar Charger for small to medium electric fence energiser batteries

The 10W Optimate solar charger is useful for small and medium energisers and fencing runs. This 10W solar charger is powerful enough to meet spring to autumn charging requirements of small to medium electric fence enegrisers. If you cannot position the solar charger in an ideal un-shaded, south facing position or if adequate winter charging is important consider using a larger 20W or 40W Optimate solar charger. 

Technical Specifications:


  • Ideal for: 12V lead-acid batteries 2 to 240Ah, AGM (MF), Standard, GEL and AGM spiral cell
  • Program control: 4 stages, fully automatic
  • Max output current pulse (bulk charge): 2A
  • Charge time limit: no limit/safe to leave connected all year around
  • Maintain / test cycles: Keeps battery at 100% charged when not in use
  • Enclosure: fully sealed (IP54)
  • 10W polycrystalline Solar Panel, Solar Panel Size: 390 x 250 x 30 mm
  • Cable length: 2m from panel to charger; 1m from charger to output connector
  • Operation temperature range: From –20ºC <-> 40°C
  • Ratings / approvals: CE, NRTL (UL & CSA), SAA (AU & NZ)
  • Warranty: 3 Years

5 OptiMate Solar Models


There are five models in the Optimate Solar range: 10W, 20W, 40W, 60W and 80W. If you are not sure which size solar charger you require please follow the links below:

If you're still not sure or would rather just talk it through, please get in touch for friendly help and advice.

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